Staying on Grand Turk

Grand Turk Diving

 Dive the Grand Turk wall where visibility most often exceeds 100 feet, and reef architecture is diverse featuring tunnels, archways, pinnacles, valleys and overhangs. Daily dives are selected based on current conditions and in consideration of "where the action is!" 

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Gibbs Cay

 Visit this small uninhabited island just off Grand Turk for a stingray encounter and beach adventure! 

Take a packed lunch or have us arrange a picnic or beach BBQ to satisfy all tastes. 

Bicycle Rentals

Explore Grand Turk on your own.  It's easy to get around on bikes.   

We  carry 24" and 26" wheel bicycles. We  also rent out snorkel gear if you want to stop at  one of our beautiful beaches and do some snorkeling as you tour around  the island. 

The Wall

 As you cruise the Grand Turk Wall you will find a variety of marine life inhabiting this lush and colorful setting, and large pelagics are frequently spotted. Winter season features a Humpback Whale migration and in summer, Manta Rays can be spotted feeding on plankton and small fishes along the wall. Year round it is not uncommon to see turtles, dolphins, eels, octopus, crabs, lobsters, stingrays and eagle rays and of course a wide array of tropical fish. 

Boat Charters

The Twin Moon

We offer several boat charters to choose from:

Whale Watching

Gibbs Cay Experience

Green Flash & Champagne  Cruise

Salt Cay

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Whale Watching - January thru March

Whale Watching Season

A  population of humpback whales migrate from the cold waters of Iceland  and Southern Greenland to the Silver Banks and the Turks Bank, where  they mate and give birth each winter. During this period and after  giving birth, the whales travel around on the Turks, Caicos and Mouchoir  Banks giving us the opportunity to observe them in their natural  habitat.  

The Tour


This  tour is aboard our 28' World Cat power catamaran. This is a safe, dry,  comfortable way to go offshore to see the whales and provides the safety  of twin engines and hulls. There is ample seating and two bimini tops  for shade.   

Please note that if you are prone to seasickness, this tour may not be for you.

All tours include, a presentation on whale behaviour, snacks or packed lunch and a cooler with water and soda refreshments. 

About Whales

The humpback whale's scientific name is Megaptera novaeangliae. Megaptera novaeangliae  is Latin for "big wing. Humpback whales' "big wings" are their enormous  pectoral flippers. A humpback's pectoral flippers are the largest of  any whale, measuring up to 6 feet, a third of the whale's entire body  length!

A  humpback's pectoral flippers are bumpy and ridged. These bumps are  called tubercles.Tubercles may make the humpback's flippers look  awkward, but they are an excellent adaptation to the whale's life in the  ocean. The bumpy surface of the humpback flipper is actually much more  hydrodynamic than a smooth flipper. As whales swim, tubercles disrupt  the sheer pressure against the edge of the flipper and redirect the  swirling vortices's into channels between the tubercles. This reduces  the movement's drag and increases its lift. 

Grand Turk Accommodations & Getting Here

Hotels and Guest Houses

Grand Turk is a small friendly island, that features a wide range of accommodation for the dive traveler. Check out our hotels here: ·

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Getting Here

There are several major airlines that fly to Providenciales.  From there you must take a local carrier to get to Grand Turk.   There are 2 airlines flying between Providenciales and Grand Turk. Check out their schedules here.  

If you prefer we can arrange your inter island flights for you. 

What you need to know

Dive Sites

A great dive vacation starts from the moment you arrive with dive sites, a short 5 to 15-minute boat ride away on the pristine Grand Turk Wall. Grand Turk Diving will provide a pre-dive briefing and a guide will be in the water on all dives. Computer divers are allowed to set their own profiles to maximize bottom time. 

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Diving Rates

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Diving Rates

NAUI & PADI Instruction

With both NAUI & PADI Instructors on staff, you can continue through your certification levels to Dive Master with us. If you are starting diving and have completed your training at home, through your confined water training, chose the International referral option below. Students that have completed their on-line course but need to complete confined water and open water check-out dives chose the eLearning option. If you are on Grand Turk for 4 or more days, you can do everything from start to finish with us. 

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Discover Scuba/Resort Course

Interested in diving and would like to see what it is all about?  Try our introduction to scuba course.

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Our Staff

Meet our Staff and Instructors.  Our staff offers experience, kowledge and hospitality.

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Group Bookings

Group rates available for groups of 8 or more.  Let us build your package to include the activities you desire.  

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